What Is "Polypropylene" ?
Polypropylene and Cellophane are NOT the SAME!


Polypropylene is the Lower Priced Alternative to the
“Classic Crinkly Clear Cellophane Bags”.
“Polypropylene” (*BOPP) Bags also referred to as “Cello” bags or “Cellophane” bags at other websites or from other suppliers are the lower priced alternative to the Classic Crinkly “Cellophane” Bags. "Polypropylene" and "Cellophane" are NOT the SAME. “Polypropylene” is a plastics product derived from crude oil and “Cellophane” is a paper product derived from cellulose (wood) pulp. For detailed information and advantages of using "Cellophane" Bags please go to What Is “Cellophane”? ......Or Simply CLICK HERE.
Just fill the bags with your product and close. The bags can be closed by a heat sealer, twist ties, ribbon, yarn, wrapphia or fabric strips. “Polypropylene” bags can also be decorated with stickers.
Suggested Uses: Chocolate, Candy, Nuts, Snack Foods, Dried Fruits, Spices, Dried Mixes, Cereals, Granola, Potpourri, Soap, Photos, Hard Goods, Gifts, etc.
NOTE: Our “Polypropylene” Bags can also be used for Cookies, Muffins, Doughnuts, Breads, Cream Cakes, or any other baked goods. For extended freshness and shelf life of baked goods…we would recommend the Classic Crinkly “Cellophane” Bags. “Cellophane” Bags are a little more expensive but they do make a difference!  NOTE: For maximum freshness heat sealing is recommended.
  • Our “Polypropylene” Bags are made in the USA.
  • Our “Polypropylene” Bags are FDA approved for direct/indirect food contact.
  • Our ”Polypropylene” Bags have a solid front with a center seam down the back and a fold-over bottom for added strength over the crimp-bottom or pinch-bottom bags from other suppliers!
  • Our “Polypropylene” Bags are manufactured to meet all specification requirements by the industry. Our “Polypropylene” Flat Bags are approximately, 1.4 mil in thickness and our “Polypropylene” Gusset Bags are approximately, 1.0 mil in thickness.
Chances are if you go down the snack food isle of your local grocery store, all the dried snack foods are either bagged or wrapped in “Polypropylene”. Like most synthetics “polypropylene” is smooth to the touch, tear resistant, and resists moisture, oils, and solvents. “Polypropylene” is a thermoplastic polymer, made by the chemical industry and used in a wide variety of applications, including packaging material, plastic bottles, plastic parts, toys, luggage, plastic furniture, etc. Every year billions of pounds of polypropylene are stretched, blown, extruded, or molded into thousands of different products.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing bags that you intend to tie with ribbon, yarn, wrapphia or fabric strips. Perhaps for party favors or gifts, please remember that “Polypropylene” unlike “Cellophane”, does NOT have any natural dead-fold characteristics. Put simply, once folded or twisted, “Polypropylene” WILL want to return to its previous form which was open. Therefore, making it more difficult to tie the bag closed.
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* (BOPP) Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene

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