Resealable Cello Lip and Tape Self Sealing Bags
Lip and Tape Self Sealing Bags are Resealable - Easy to Fill, Seal and are Reusable






These are Polypropylene (BOPP) Resealable Lip & Tape Bags that have a high clarity and protect
products from dirt and moisture damage. These bags are acid-free with no harmful plasticizers used in the production.
The bags are also chemically non-aggressive which makes them more suitable for long term archiving of documents
and photographs. Bio-orienting gives the bags breathing properties so they will not ripple, dimple, or pucker over time. 

Using these bags, one may quickly package products with the self-adhesive strip, which will not wear out. Speed up
production with the peel back release strip-peel the strip in one easy motion and then fold and seal. Bags are pre-sized
and pre-cut to fit CD’s, DVD’s, Photos, Trading Cards, Prints, Comics, etc. These Lip & Tape Bags can be used for
hundreds of different items to sell or display. These bags are also FDA approved for food storage.
These bags can be used for food related items but they do not have the same barriers of “Cellophane” which keep
both moisture and oxygen from permeating the bag!!! 

Lip and Tape bags have a peal off strip that reveals a sticky band. Then you simply fold over the flap and the bag seals.
You can then reopen the bag and the self sealing sticky band will allow you to reclose the bag.
The resealable strip on the bag is always located on the short side of the bag.

NOTE: LIP N TAPE BAGS are primarily designed for relatively flat items and not recommended for items over
1/2 inch in thickness. For each 1/2 inch in thickness you need to deduct 1 inch in width for each 1/2 inch in thickness.
Example 5 inch wide item x 1/2 thick item should fit in a 6 inch wide x 5 inch high bag. Lip N Tape bags have only a
small side weld on each side so printed materials like cards, magazines, baseball cards, photo prints, DVD’s & CD’s
display well. Over stuffing Lip-N-Tap bags will cause blow outs at the side welds. 

Lip & Tape Resealable Bags are a easy alternative to Shrink Wrapping or Heat Sealing.
All bags have an allowance of 0.125” for bags less than 10” and 0.25 for bags larger than 10”.
The lips range from 1.2” to 3.0”. The bags are all 160 gauge (1.6 mil) in thickness.


The “feel” of the Lip n Tape bags have changed slightly relative to other production runs.
Previous versions of the film were produced on older equipment that has been replaced
with modern technology, necessitating the change.
The high-quality, food save film layers remain unchanged, and the oxygen and moisture
barriers of the bag and the thickness of 1.6 mil remain unaffected.


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