Custom Made to Order - Cellophane or Polypropylene Bags
Available in Half Case or Full Case Quantities

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PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing a High Volume of SPECIAL ORDERS.
LEAD TIME for Special Order bags at the PRESENT TIME is 5-6 WEEKS.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience!


It’s no secret many manufactures, and suppliers are experiencing long lead times.
Increase in demand, lack of raw materials, transportation and labor shortages are
impacting everyone. While the economy is expanding, manufacturers continue to
struggle with workforce shortages, limited supplies and the large backlog.

Our lead times on films and many other items have increased dramatically this year.
We use to have normal lead times of 4-6 weeks on raw materials, they are now 7-8 weeks.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience!

We do not offer any printing on bags they are available in CLEAR ONLY
No Colors, No Printing, No Designs, NO Logos
All labels to be supplied and applied by customer

Clear "Cellophane" Bags - Standard Duty
FLAT Bags - K-195 & K-220
GUSSET Bags - K-250
Clear "Cellophane" Bags - Heavy Duty
FLAT Bags - K-140
GUSSET Bags - K-140
Clear "Polypropylene" Bags - Standard Duty
FLAT Bags - RC-100
GUSSET Bags - RC-100
Clear "Polypropylene" Bags - Heavy Duty
FLAT Bags - RC-140




"Cellophane" Bags provide an excellent barrier to flavors and aromas and minimize the risk of cross contamination.

“Cellophane” Bags extend freshness and shelf life to any product compared to the less expensive Polypropylene Bags usually referred to as Cello Bags or Polyethylene Bags usually referred to as Poly Bags or Plastic Bags. “Cellophane” Bags are Slightly More Expensive than “Polypropylene” Bags!
But Definitely Worth It! Try "Cellophane" You Will Love It! “Cellophane” is biodegradable and non-polluting. “Cellophane” is Eco-Friendly, because it is a cellulose product derived from wood and causes nearly zero environmental impact.

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