What Is "Cellophane" ?
"Classic Crinkly Clear Cellophane Bags"

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These are the Classic Crinkly Clear “Cellophane” Bags that are used by specialty baking companies to package their baked goods. “Cellophane” is the top choice for bakeries because it keeps moisture out, while holding the aroma of your product in the bag! The barriers of “Cellophane” keep both moisture and oxygen from permeating the bag!!!

“Cellophane” is also the most popular choice for many chocolate and candy makers. “Cellophane” has been used to bag and twist-wrap candy for as long as the twist-wrapping packaging method has been around. “Cellophane” is supreme because of its natural dead-fold characteristics. Put simply, once folded or twisted, “Cellophane” does NOT spring back because it lacks the molecular memory of plastic and polypropylene and does NOT, therefore, fight to return to its previous form.
Just fill the bags with your product and close. The bags can be closed by a heat sealer, twist ties, ribbon, yarn, wrapphia or fabric strips. “Cellophane” bags can also be decorated with stickers. NOTE: For maximum freshness heat sealing is recommended.
Suggested Uses: Cookies, Muffins, Doughnuts, Breads, Cream Cakes, Chocolate, Candy, Nuts, Snack Foods, Dried Fruits, Spices, Cake Mixes, Cereals, Granola, Potpourri, Soap, High-Moisture Content Items , Minimal Preservative Foods, Fresh Produce, Natural Produce, Hygroscopic Products, Gifts, etc. Hundreds of other products are often packaged in “Cellophane” because of its grease resistance and high clarity.
  • Our “Cellophane” Bags are made in the USA.
  • Our “Cellophane” Bags are FDA Approved for direct/indirect food contact.
  • Our ”Cellophane” Bags have a solid front with a center seam down the back and a fold-over bottom for added strength over the crimp-bottom or pinch-bottom bags from other suppliers!
  • Our “Cellophane” Bags are manufactured to meet all specification requirements by the industry. Our Standard Duty “Cellophane” Bags are suitable for most applications, with a thickness of approximately 1.0 mil. Our Heavy-Duty “Cellophane” bags have a thickness of approximately 1.4 mil.
  • “Cellophane” Bags extend freshness and shelf life to any product compared to the less expensive Polypropylene Bags usually referred to as Cello Bags or Polyethylene Bags usually referred to as Poly Bags or Plastic Bags.
  • “Cellophane” is biodegradable and non-polluting.
  • “Cellophane” is Eco-Friendly, because it is a cellulose product derived from wood and causes nearly zero environmental impact. “Cellophane” is made from cottonwood trees purposely grown, farmed and harvested for “Cellophane” production. No need to worry they are not cutting down trees in the rainforest or your neighborhood to produce “Cellophane”.
  • “Cellophane” Bags are Slightly More Expensive than “Polypropylene” Bags! But Definitely Worth It! Try "Cellophane" You Will Love It!

  • Cellophane has excellent water vapor, gas, and aroma barriers
  • Cellophane is oil and grease resistant
  • Cellophane is anti-static
  • Cellophane has excellent dead-fold characteristics
  • Cellophane has high gloss and transparency
  • Cellophane is biodegradable and non-polluting
  • Cellophane is FDA Approved
Storage of Cellophane Bags and Wrappers
To maintain the high quality of this product during storage
it is recommended that Cellophane be stored in its original
wrapping away from any source of local heating or direct sunlight.
Recommended conditions of storage are: Temperature: 60-75°F,
Relative Humidity: 35-55% Cellophane is suitable for use for 6 months
from the date of delivery and stocks should be used in rotation.
Cellophane bags and wrappers should be allowed to reach operating
room temperatures for 24 hours before use.
TRUE CELLOPHANE Is made from cottonwood trees.
That is why it is Biodegradable/non-polluting.

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