Stand Up ZIPPER POUCH Bags That Stand UP
User Friendly Zipper Pouch Bags Are Easy To Open And Easy To Close

Clear Stand Up Snack Pack Pouch Bags With Stand Up Bottom Gusset
In the last several years, clear stand up pouches have been growing in popularity to package and display products. They give a good shelf presence which makes them an admired choice for a wide range of products. Clear stand up pouches are a popular choice to package Grab n Go impulse or point-of-sale items like caramels, chocolate, candy, nuts, snacks, trail mix and many other products.

The re-closeable zipper feature of the clear stand up pouch bags make them very consumer friendly. These clear stand up pouch bags have tear notches located just above the re-closeable zipper.A sufficient amount of material is provided above the zipper and the tear notches to allow the stand up pouch bags to be securely sealed with an Impulse Sealer making them tamper evident. (5 mm Seal Recommended)

These clear heavy duty stand up zipper pouch bags are made of high-clarity and high-barrier laminated film. They are manufactured with polyethylene andl polyester giving a total thickness of 3.0 mil. The layer composition of these bags along with the bottom gusset and 3/8” wide meshed side seals. Give the pouch bags stiffness which enables them to stand up.

Stand up zipper pouch bags provide moisture and gas barriers and excellent heat-seal strength so products stay fresh. Zipper pouches are FDA approved for direct/indirect food contact.

Suggested uses for stand up zipper pouches include: Snack foods, dried fruits, pet treats, nuts, powdered mixes, candies, confectioneries, bath salts, spices, tea, granola, pasta, frozen foods, bulk packaging, portion packs and other applications.
(Not Recommended For Any Type Of Liquids)

The re-closable zipper on the stand up pouch bag is always located on the short side of the bag at the top of the bag. The measurements of stand up zipper pouches are outside overall dimensions NOT the inside bag dimension. Dimensions stated are subject to a slight variance.


Width (W) X Height (H) Gusset (G)
Example: (W) 4 3/4” X (H) 7 1/4" X (G) 2”
WIDTH IS: The measurement across the open end where you fill the bag.
GUSSET IS: The measurement of the bottom “PLEAT” or “DEPTH”
NOTE: Measurements listed are overall outside dimensions.

What is the difference between a Pouch and Gusseted Bag?
A pouch has only a bottom pleat (Gusset) the rest of the bag is constructed like a flat bag.
A pouch will hold less volume than a gusseted bag.
A gusseted bag has side pleats (Gusset) on both sides of the bag and the bottom folds
out like a brown lunch bag or brown grocery bag would have.
A gusseted bag will hold more volume than a pouch.

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