HEAT SEALERS > PFS-200B-10mm 8 Inch Portable Hand Operated Impulse Heat Sealer with 10mm Flat Band Seal
PFS-200B-10mm 8 Inch Portable Hand Operated Impulse Heat Sealer with 10mm Flat Band Seal

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PFS-200B-10mm 8 Inch Portable Hand Operated Impulse Heat Sealer with 10mm Flat Band Seal.
Includes; two (2) replacement heating elements and two (2) replacement Teflon cloths.

The PFS-200B is a good economical HEAVY DUTY stable sealer that gives a nice professional looking
10mm (3/8 inch) meshed seal. Ideal for sealing Stand-up Zipper Pouch Bags. This unit will seal a Poly
Bag up to 20 mil thickness works very good on Heavy Duty Polypropylene Bags, Polyethylene Bags or
any heavy thermoplastic materials.
This unit also seals (K-140) Heavy Duty and (CelloPlus-T) Extra Heavy Duty Cellophane bags.
NOT RECOMMENDED for Standard Duty Cellophane Bags (K195, K-220 & K-250).

NOTE: On this machine you will need to pay more attention to your heat settings it is a high
wattage unit. If you try to seal with the heat setting to high in will melt thermoplastic Films quickly or burn
Cellophane Films quickly. Once you seal a few bags you will get the experience of where the setting needs
to be for different thicknesses of films. NOT RECOMMENDED for (Poly Bags Polyethylene) or (Polypropylene
Cello Bags) less than 2 mil in thickness even on the lowest temperature setting you will melt the film every time.

The PFS-200B-10mm-8 Portable Hand Operated Heat Sealer; lets you know when tight seal is ready.
Ideal for; bakeries, candy stores, retail, grocery stores, and Medium industrial sealing. Use to package;
Cookies, Muffins, Doughnuts, Breads, Cream Cakes, Chocolate, Candy, Nuts, Snack Foods, Dried Fruits,
Spices, Potpourri, Soap, Produce, Gifts and hundreds of other products quickly and efficiently.
Adjustable Heat Timer with Light Indicator
Electrical Power Source: 110v/60/1
Impulse Power: 1000W
Sealing Length: 8 Inches
Sealing Width: 10 mm (3/8 inch) Flat Wire
Weight: 14 lbs
Requires no warm-up just plug it in and it is ready to go.
Adjust the timer knob properly for the material you are sealing.
Place the bag you want to seal on the heating element.
Close the sealing arm using the operation handle.
Hold arm in place until sealing light extinguishes.
Hold the seal bar down for a few seconds more after the light goes out to ensure enough time for the seal to cool and set.
Open arm. Seal Complete.
NOTE: (If the bag sticks to the silicon rubber, you did not give enough cooling time.)
(If the bag sticks to the Teflon cover your heat temperature was set to high.)

The seal is damaged; you used to much heat for the type of bag you are sealing.
Reduce the heat exposure time with the adjustable heat time knob.
Your seal comes apart; you did not use enough heat for the type of bag you are sealing.
Increase the heat exposure time with the adjustable heat time knob.
Always keep the heating platform clean. Leaving residue will reduce the life of the element, Teflon, and silicon rubber.
Never use moisture to clean the sealing surface.
Replace torn Teflon at once. A torn cloth will short circuit the element and damage it.
Every time you replace the element, replace the lower and upper cloth.
Unplug the machine when servicing.

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